ACCEDOO new brand name for composite doors and hatches.

The MDV 1 ‘Immanuel’ is the first fishing vessel with composite ship doors and hatches of Accedoo, the new brand name of VABO Composites.

VABO is not unknown in the fishing world, but until the project of the Masterplan of Sustainable Fishery the team of director Arnold Vaandrager didn’t undertake much in this sector during the last few years. Former partner Maarten Bos with his company Master Composites has always been active in the polyester coating of fish holds and walls. In 2007 they went their separate ways. But wherever it is possible they co-operate, even on-board of the MDV 1.

Developing composite products for industrial applications is VABO’s core business at the moment. ‘The specials’, explains Vaandrager. In the production hall for instance, people work on a special radar mast of a 140 meter superyacht in Germany. Bob sledges, particular jacuzzi tubs, projects of art (Paris, London, Emmen), roofs for Danish windmills and big shovels are being produced among other things.

Accedoo is a new brand name for serial producing of composite hatches and doors. The name is the contraction of two English words: access and door. Vaandrager expects them in the coming years to achieve substantial growth, in particular in the marine segment. We have already got assignments for minesweepers that are under construction in Italy.